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a freelance developer based in miami—building websites, apps, digital platforms and bespoke user experiences with clients prepared to work as close creative collaborators.

360 nw 27th st
miami, fl 33127
  1. EL DORADOReact & Contentful Development. Design by Pentagram
  2. Noah ApartmentsReact & Typescript Development. Design by Common.
  3. Common StudioReact & Contentful Development. Design by Common
  4. REVOLVE Law GroupReact & Framer Motion Development. Design by Britt Cobb.
  5. G9 VenturesReact & Contentful Development. Design by Pentagram.
  6. Avatar CompaniesReact, styled-components, & Contentful Development.
  7. VENN SkincareShopify & JavaScript Development. Design by Pentagram.
  8. REDGE SalonsWordPress & JavaScript Development. Design by Simon Black
  9. Design ToolVue, Node, SQLite, & d3.js Development. Design by Mark Craemer
  10. Vice TVNode, React, & JW Player Development. Design by VICE.
  11. i-D x VICEReact & Node.js Development. Design by i-D
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with more than a decade of experience working in various software engineering roles, industries, and with world-renowned brands such as VICE, Pentagram, GREY, and Condé Nast—I take on a variety of disciplines in the process of creating meaningful digital products.

beyond user flows, information architecture and wireframes, prototypes, and production-level development, I’m a JAMstack specialist. headless cms platforms, serverless, lambda functions, React and Vue.js, static site generators, etc. I’m also comfortable developing for server-side technologies. if you need help putting together an API with node.js or python, then I’m still your guy.

whatever your requirements are, I'm happy to help plan, build and deliver projects that are fast, secure and reliable.

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